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Sciton MOXI in Dedham, MA

Longer Results, Less Time

Looking for skin rejuvenation in less time than a lunch break? Want to see brilliant results for months, not weeks? Sciton MOXI has what you're looking for with quick, 15-minute or less treatment sessions and long-lasting results. Even better? Treatment is pain-free and requires little to no downtime. Experience Sciton MOXI, the laser treatment with everyone in mind.

Sciton MOXI at Dedham Medical Aesthetics

Offering a wide selection of innovative aesthetic treatments, the team at Dedham Medical Aesthetics works every day to ensure that patients receive personalized and exceptional aesthetic medical care. At DMA in Dedham Sciton MOXI is one of the ways we can offer outstanding facial rejuvenation and renewed confidence to our patients.

Sciton Moxi Laser Dedham

What is Sciton MOXI?

The Sciton MOXI treatment is a revolutionary tool that uses a non-ablative fractional laser technology to stimulate skin regeneration and provide exceptional correction for early signs of aging, sun damage, and minor pigmentation irregularities. The fractional nature of the treatment results in quicker recovery, allowing individuals to resume normal activities sooner. This technology is also extremely customizable and can be tailored to match each patient's specific needs, whether they want to address multiple skin concerns or just want to get ahead of the curve and see the benefits of prejuvenation.

What are the benefits of the Sciton MOXI treatment?

Sciton MOXI is a tailored, non-surgical solution that requires minimal downtime and can greatly improve the quality of the skin through superior collagen stimulation. Restore your confidence or get ahead of aging for a brilliant finish. With Sciton MOXI Dedham patients enjoy skin improvements like:

  • Softening of fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead
  • Achieving a brighter and more consistent skin tone
  • Diminished rough or uneven skin texture for a more refined complexion
  • Correction of hyperpigmentation, including age spots, sunspots, and melasma
  • Improved skin tightness, particularly in areas prone to sagging
  • Reduction of laxity for a more lifted and youthful appearance

Am I a candidate for Sciton MOXI?

Treatment with Sciton MOXI is a versatile choice suitable for both women and men with diverse skin tones, making it an excellent option for almost anyone who wants to address a range of skin concerns. Sciton MOXI can treat minor sun spots, uneven pigmentation, scarring, and mild signs of aging. It is also great for prejuvenation and providing maintenance in between more intense laser treatments. Patients who have active acne or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not good candidates for this treatment.

Preparation and Consultation

At your consultation, our goal is to ensure that you are receiving a fully customized treatment plan so our aesthetic professionals will take the time to learn about your goals, your preferences, and your health history. Sciton MOXI is often combined with other skin treatments for even more comprehensive and stunning results. Prior to treatment, you will be instructed to avoid tanning beds and sun exposure as well as waxing or depilatory creams for at least two weeks.

Dedham Sciton MOXI Laser
Dedham Sciton MOXI Laser


During this quick, 12 to 15-minute procedure, your medical aesthetician will prepare your skin and then glide the laser over the treatment area, carefully adjusting the settings for optimal results. Often, there is no need for topical numbing methods because this treatment is so gentle, but we can utilize local anesthetic if preferred.

Results, Aftercare, and Recovery

After treatment, you may experience some redness, flaking, and rough texture for a few days that will resolve without intervention. There is no required downtime, and you can resume regular activities right away. Within three to five days, you should see smooth, rejuvenated skin that typically lasts for months.

Why choose DMA?

At DMA, our team of licensed aesthetic medical professionals have decades of combined experience and are dedicated to offering patients the highest quality cosmetic results and patient care. We are passionate about wellness and get excited about helping our patients achieve a better quality of life and radiant confidence.

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Sciton MOXI FAQs

Treatment with the Sciton MOXI laser is not painful, and most patients feel no discomfort at all or only very mild discomfort.

Yes, this is a very safe treatment when done by trained professionals.

Optimal results from Sciton MOXI can last months to years, depending on regular skin care and maintenance.

The Sciton MOXI treatment is generally considered a great option for any skin type or tone.

The cost of the Sciton MOXI treatment will vary based on the recommended initial sessions and each patient's full treatment plan.

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