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Juvederm Volux in Dedham

From A Reliable Brand, Comes Defined Results

If you feel like you have a lack of definition in your jawline or struggle with the appearance of jowls, there is a non-surgical option now available from a premier aesthetic provider. Juvederm Volux offers unmatched results for jawline definition and contouring. During Juvederm Volux clinical trials, patients rated their results highly satisfactory, and aesthetic providers prefer Juvederm products over two times more than other filler brands.

Juvederm Voluxat Dedham Medical Aesthetics

At Dedham Medical Aesthetics, we strive to deliver exceptional and natural outcomes, coupled with a comfortable and inviting experience for each Dedham Juvederm Volux treatment. Our team knows the importance of creating a professional, yet friendly atmosphere, where proficient and highly trained aestheticians and nurses can deliver outstanding results safely.

Juvederm Volux Dedham

What is Juvederm Volux?

Juvederm Volux, the latest FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler from Juvederm, is a part of the VyCross product line. These fillers are distinguished by their firmer, gel-like texture, which enables them to withstand frequent facial movement. This makes Volux highly robust, especially in areas where there is frequent movement, such as the jawline and chin.

Juvederm Volux vs Traditional Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Although there is some overlap between various types of fillers, there are distinct differences between Volux and other serums. Typically, conventional HA fillers are meant to be comparable to the texture of the skin and underlying tissue and fat. However, Juvederm Volux is formulated to emulate the characteristics of bone, which is what makes it distinctive from other HA fillers. Consequently, it is an ideal choice for replenishing volume definition in bony areas such as the jawline and chin.

What are the benefits of Juvederm Volux?

The appearance of the jawline can be influenced by various factors such as aging, genetics, or environment. For some men and women, the prospect of restoring a well-defined and sculpted jawline can enhance their self-esteem and overall quality of life. The advantages of choosing Juvederm Volux include:

  • Provides the natural look and feel of bone for outstanding end results
  • Minimally invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Little to no downtime

The Ideal Juvederm Volux Candidate

This treatment is beneficial for a wide range of patients, whether they want to enhance the appearance of sagging jowls or redefine the contour of their jawline. Juvederm Volux is an excellent option for both men and women who are over the age of 21 and want to improve their jawline definition without undergoing surgery or experiencing downtime. Individuals who have a history of allergic reactions to lidocaine or other HA fillers may not be ideal candidates for this treatment.

Consultation and Preparation

An individual's overall appearance can be significantly affected by the shape and contour of the jawline.

This means that treating the area can be challenging, and the professional injector must have advanced knowledge and skill. Our highly precise and aesthetically trained nurse injector, Kate Deery, BSN, RN, has the experience you need to provide a thorough and personalized consultation and stunning results.

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First, a topical numbing cream is usually administered along the jawline. Then, a fine gauge, medical-grade needle is utilized to inject the serum deep into the jawline in close proximity to the bone. Juvederm Volux contains lidocaine, which maximizes patient comfort. Appointments generally range between 15 to 30 minutes.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

There may be some mild tenderness in the treatment area, but this should resolve quickly. No downtime is required after this treatment, and you should be able to immediately return to your daily routine. Optimal treatment can provide a smooth, natural-looking outcome that lasts for up to 12 to 18 months.

Why Dedham?

At Dedham Medical Aesthetics, our aim is to provide patients with innovative aesthetic technology and a wide range of safe and effective options. We take pride in designing a customized treatment plan for each patient, starting from the initial consultation to the follow-up visits. Our team of nurses, aestheticians, and office staff, led by Dr. Michael Tantillo, are dedicated to offering every patient personalized care that caters to their unique aesthetic objectives.

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Juvederm Volux FAQs

Usually, this procedure is not considered painful since numbing cream is applied prior, and the serum itself contains a small amount of lidocaine.

It's possible to experience some side effects, such as swelling, tenderness, redness, bruising, or itchiness in the treated area with any type of filler. However, these effects are usually self-resolving and are gone within a few hours to days.

Results are not permanent from this treatment but are long-lasting, and many continue to see a sculpted jawline for one to two years.

Currently, Juvederm Volux is approved by the FDA for use in the jaw and chin area.

Similar to other fillers, the total cost of Juvederm Volux will depend on your treatment plan and aesthetic goals.

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