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Seeking Natural Full LipsDedham Medical Aesthetics

Everyone I have told in conversation that I have had filler in my lips is always shocked! Their responses are generally all very similar… “but they look real” Well they are real! They are still my lips! Or “But you don’t have giant fake pouty lips” Well you don’t have to have that much filler put in… you can start out subtle and work your way up if you choose.

There is a huge misconception with lip fillers. People just naturally associate it with being a large over done lip, as I did before I had them done myself. (I will get to that story later) You don’t have to end up with that Kardashian look or with giant duck lips. There is a way to achieve a “natural” full looking lip without over doing it. I feel like a lot of people have this misconception because that’s all they are seeing in magazines and on TV (especially reality TV). This I feel is because these are the people talking about having them done. Jane in your office isn’t telling you about how she had her lips done last week…it’s just not something people typically share, which I wish they would so people would get over this misconception.

So here is my story of the first time I had my lips done… Let me start by saying I DO NOT LIKE NEEDLES!!! I was absolutely petrified, I was afraid it was going to change the way I looked. (Which I did not want) I have always wanted them done though because I have relatively thin lips. I tried every lip plumper on the planet and none of those seemed to work so I bit the bullet and said “I am doing this!!” I started by talking to Dr. Tantillo about what I was trying to achieve and he assured me (and reassured me) that they would still be “natural” and that there may be some swelling but after that goes down they will be amazing! So after about 20 minutes of banter and him convincing me I went for it! (We did numb them first so that was very helpful with my fear of needles). We chose to use Volbella, which is a thinner filler, I chose that one because being my first time this filler gives a more subtle lip than with Juvederm. I’m not going to lie I did FREAK out a little bit with the swelling (which in reality was not a lot and didn’t last that long… no one even noticed but me and if they did notice it was because I kept putting my hand over them so no one would look… which as I think back on was ridiculous). After the swelling went down (about 2 days) to my surprise they were perfect! Not too big, not my small lips anymore but just perfect. I was so happy I got over my fear and did it! So through my personal experience I learned there truly is a way to have a nice full lip and keep it natural and subtle! I finally achieved the lip I have been looking for with all those years of lip plumpers!

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