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Laser Treatments… Can I Afford Them?Dedham Medical Aesthetics

Many people see the price of Laser Hair Removal packages and think WOW that’s a lot of money… how can I afford that? In reality Laser Hair Removal has come a long way in their technology and has also become more affordable.  Typically our Laser Package prices are based on a few different factors.  The size of the area being treated, whether you are doing 3 treatments or 6 treatments and if you have treated the particular area before (at Canton Medical Aesthetics). We like to keep our Laser Packages affordable and realistic for the consumer. How we do this is by having reasonable prices for the packages and offering touch-up prices on areas already treated.

After completing the package of 6 treatments some people will feel that they do need to do a few more treatments. (Everyone responds to laser a little differently) these treatments are spaced apart much further than the typical 6-8 weeks than the original treatments are performed. This assures our clients that they are getting the results that they expected when they made the choice to switch to Laser Hair Removal.

Now I will break down for you why Laser Hair Removal is the best option for dealing with pesky body hair. You can say goodbye to razor burn from shaving or cutting yourself on those dull razors. You will not have to deal with bumps and ingrown hairs anymore from waxing… never mind having to grow your hair out for your next appointment. If you take into consideration the amount of money you are spending on razors, shaving cream, razor burn creams and ALL THE TIME IT TAKES YOU TO SHAVE you will look at the price of Laser Hair Removal and say IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT! Now for waxing…. If you break down the amount you spend per waxing appointment it is pretty comparable to what each treatment of Laser Hair Removal costs. Yes Laser may be a little more expensive BUT you will not have to be doing it every 4 weeks FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! And about those ingrown hairs again ….Isn’t not having them worth all the money in itself??

Make the switch today and say HELLO to laser and GOODBYE to you razors!!

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