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By now everyone has heard of Botox. Whether it has been through a friend or family member having the treatment done or hearing an advertisement about it, but some people still have a lot of speculation and negative thoughts about it. I know people who have said to me “I’m NEVER getting that done! It’s a poison!” Well never say never because I used to be one of those people.

I am going to clear up today any questions and concerns regarding Botox® along with going over additional benefits it can offer and some side effects that it may have. I will start by explaining exactly what Botox® is. Botox® is used to counter wrinkles. It is a PURIFIED form of Botulinum Toxin A, meaning there’s no botulism risk when used properly. (By properly I mean seeing a board certified physician or someone who is properly licensed and trained to administer the product) It works by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, softening the appearance of wrinkles. Botox® is most effective on wrinkles that haven’t quite set. Botox® is considered preventative. If you don’t move the muscle too much, you won’t form the wrinkle. It is never too late to start getting Botox® injections. Even if the wrinkle has already formed it will prevent it from getting deeper and also soften it. Most women are starting to get Botox® in their early 20’s now to prevent the wrinkle from even getting a chance to form. Oh the things
I wish I knew in my 20’s!!

Botox® has many other benefits besides treating facial wrinkles. Some of these benefits include:

1.It helps to treat a drooping eyebrow
2.Can stop excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
3.Reduces Migraine pain in people who get chronic migraines
4.Treatment for Bells Palsy
5.Stops chronic eye twitching and squinting

Along with any elective treatments there may be possible side effects. The possible side effects of Botox® are:

3.Pain at the injection site
4.Drooping eyelids or eyebrows (happens in fewer than 1% of cases) that will return to their natural position within a few months

All side effects are temporary

If you are contemplating getting Botox® here are some things avoid before you go through with it.

1.Avoid blood thinners for 2 weeks prior
2.Avoid aspirin for at least 48 hours prior to treatment
3.If you have a special event coming up after your treatment I would have it done at least 5 days prior. (there may be some bruising and it takes a few days to set in)
4.Ask your physician to go light for your first time. You don’t know how much your muscles need to relax and you would rather come in for more than need less than you already got!

Here are a few reasons why people are getting Botox®:

1.It’s a simple non-surgical treatment – Getting Botox® is so fast and simple that it’s been referred to as a “lunchtime procedure.” It’s because you can get Botox® treatment during your lunch break and resume your activities right after because there is no downtime or recovery period involved. No one will ever guess what you did to look your best possible self!
2.You’ll see a noticeable improvement after a few tiny injections – Of course, people continue to get Botox® years after it was launched in the market because of the remarkable results it delivers.
3.It’s surprisingly affordable – Compared to other face lifting procedures which may be surgically-based as well, Botox® is the most affordable. In fact, you may be surprised to know that Botox® is an entry-level face rejuvenation treatment that has helped millions of men and women look younger and feel better about themselves!

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