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Baby Foot Peel in Dedham, MA

Say goodbye to calloused toes with Baby Foot Peel! Dedham Medical Aesthetics is proud to offer this easy-to-use home remedy to restore your feet to their baby-smooth roots.

At our office in Dedham Baby Foot Peel is used as a natural formula removes dead skin and crusty callouses safely and effectively from the comfort of your home. It’s like a day at the foot spa in the comfort of your own bathroom!

What is Baby Foot Peel?

Baby Foot Peel is an exceptional at-home skincare product and procedure available at Dedham Medical Aesthetics in Dedham, MA. Baby Foot Peel is designed and developed to restore your skin to smoothness and softness that would rival a baby’s!

Dedham Medical Aesthetics is proud to offer Baby Foot Peel as part of its extensive array of cosmetic procedures and products. The doctors and staff at DMA strive to provide you with the best Baby Foot Peel Dedham has to offer. You’re invited to contact Dedham Medical Aesthetics today to continue your journey to a more perfect you.

Baby Foot Peel Dedham

What Makes Baby Foot Peel Work?

Baby Foot Peel contains a formula of 16 natural extracts designed to smooth, soften and restore the skin on your feet. It’s a convenient, safe, affordable, and amazingly effective way to remove crusty skin and calluses.

No more cracking and peeling skin. No more unattractive dryness and roughness. Welcome back, sandals!

Baby Foot Peel combines exfoliation with hydration, removing dead skin while moisturizing and nourishing freshly emerging new dermal layers. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have long used “peel” products and procedures to restore healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin. Baby Foot Peel is applied at home and achieves astounding results in just days!

What's the Process?

Just a few days after application, the skin on your feet will start to peel. Goodbye to dead, flaky skin. Hello, “baby feet.” Baby Foot Peel treatments come with gel formula and two plastic “baby booties”. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The Baby Foot Peel gel formula is self-contained in each sealed plastic treatment sock. That means no hassle and no mess from adding the gel yourself and ensures your comfort during your treatment. You’ll enjoy the gel’s lavender scent! During your treatment hour, you can put socks on over your booties and walk around! Just make sure your feet stay inside the booties. Each peel treatment contains fruit acid, which penetrates dead skin layers and causes them to peel and flake off.

Step One Clean and Soak

First, make sure your feet are clean and remove all nail polish. Now, prime your feet for treatment by soaking them in warm water for 15 minutes.

Step Two Bootie Up!

Here we go! Start your Baby Foot Peel by cutting along the dotted line to separate your booties. Place one bootie on each foot. Use the included adhesive tape to secure the booties in place. Leave the treatment booties on for one hour. That’s all it takes.

Step Three Rinse and Soak

After 60 minutes, take off the booties and rinse your feet with water. Soak your feet in water 20-30 minutes every day for five to seven days as the treatment process concludes. Now? Bare your sole! No more cracked heels. No more discomfort. And no more hiding your feet.

Continuing Care

The peeling process may continue for up to two weeks. This will vary from person to person. Do not forcibly remove dead skin cells when peeling begins. It will exfoliate gently and naturally. You can use Baby Foot Peel again two weeks after your initial application, but recommended use is once every two months.

Baby Foot Peel can be used on all types of skin and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Many people have found that Baby Foot Peels make great gifts for family and friends. Contact the staff at Dedham Medical Aesthetics to place your order and start your Baby Foot Peel treatment today.

More on Dermal Peels

Baby Foot Peels are natural dermal peels targeting the feet. Dermal “peels” are based on solid science and decades of safe and effective results.

If you would like to clean and exfoliate other parts of the body, ask about other chemical skin peel treatments available at DMA, including those that can exfoliate facial skin and restore a clear and vibrant complexion. Chemical peels are often used to stimulate skin cell repair and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to help control acne.

Dedham Medical Aesthetics in Dedham, MA is proud to offer Baby Foot Peels in its comprehensive array of products, treatments, and procedures. You are invited to schedule a personalized consultation at Dedham Medical Aesthetics to learn about our many dermal peels and see what works best for you.

Baby Foot Peel Dedham

Get Your Baby Foot Peel from Dedham Medical Aesthetics

The doctors and staff at Dedham Medical Aesthetics strive to provide you with exceptional service, products, and results for your aesthetic needs. Our aestheticians bring more than 30 years of experience in providing patient satisfaction. They invite you to take your first “baby” steps toward a more beautiful you with a Baby Foot Peel today!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with our incredible staff at Dedham Medical Aesthetics. Take your first steps to a more beautiful you.

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